I recently heard about the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Pharmacy website, and for those dealing with high prescription drug costs, this may be of help.

The Basics
Mark Cuban (billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks basketball team) started an online cost-plus pharmacy in January 2022. He started offering 100 prescription drugs and currently has over 800 generic drugs. According to his website, Cost Plus Drugs, they mark up their cost for the drug by 15%, then add a $3.00 pharmacy fee and then a $5.00 shipping fee.

Who Can Benefit?
If you take low-cost generic drugs, you will probably not benefit from this. If you use expensive inhalers or have high prescription drug costs, it would not hurt to see if they offer the inhalers or prescriptions you currently use at a lower price.

How it Works
* First, make sure your medication is available at a lower price.
* If you have found your medications create an account.
* Your doctor will need to send your prescription to their online pharmacy.
* Place your order, and your medication will be mailed to you when ready.

I have not affiliated in any way with the Mark Cuban drug plan. The Mark Cuban drug plan cannot be used with your Medicare Prescription drug plan or any other insurance.