Confused about Medicare? I help seniors confused by their Medicare options by explaining Medicare in plain English, saving them time and money.

I specialize in Medicare products and represent all Medicare Supplement Plan types.


Grand Junction, CO

I called Lew because I received another rate increase notice from my Medicare Supplement company.

When I meet with Lew he informed me that Medicare Supplement plans are standardized and that all plans with the same letter must offer the same basic benefits. That the only difference in plans with the same letter is the monthly premium the company charges. By switching Medicare Supplement companies, I saved over $150 a month and my benefits and doctor will remain the same. Not only that but Lew helped me save money on my prescriptions.

Lew was recommended to me by a friend who is also one of Lew’s clients. I am glad I called.

Thanks, Lew.



Cedaredge, CO

I had listened to friends lament about their walk through the dense forest of signing up for Medicare/Supplement/Part D for at least a year or more. One friend said she spent the summer studying all the options! I am still working and I knew that would not be my approach the issue. I saw one of Lew Barr’s cards and gave him a call.

He was so responsive and drove over the next day (over an hour) to my little town of Cedaredge from Grand Junction to explain all the options. He brought all the handouts for me to peruse and had already checked on the most economical drug plan for me. He was terrific at explaining the many, considerations, and iterations of Medicare. I was so grateful to have found someone so kind and patient.

He is an expert on the subject of Medicare and the various options and can help you choose the one that will work best for you. His commission comes from the Insurance companies so there is no reason to steer you to one versus another for his financial gain.

I trust Lew and would recommend him to all my friends approaching the ominous milestone of 65. It is obvious that he enjoys helping people navigate through this maze of information.


Arvada, CO

If you’re in the market for Medicare Supplement insurance, do yourself a favor and call Lew. He can and will lead you to the best possible choice! He did that for me. I don’t usually give testimony to people or products but Lew is the real deal!

Thank you, Lew, for your simply the BEST!



Grand Junction, CO

“I will be eligible for Medicare on April 1, 2017. Last December I tried to learn about Medicare procedures and benefits on the internet. Despite having a Ph.D., I found the literature confusing. I had a bunch of questions but no answers. I saw an ad in a local newspaper for a gentleman who does Medicare counseling, free of charge. Lew Barr of Grand Valley Senior Benefits met me at my house in late December. He asked questions and I asked questions. Within an hour, Lew had carefully explained my options. Lew only works on Medicare issues and is a specialist. I would still be “lost” on the internet had I not met Lew. I would strongly recommend Lew Barr as a private Medicare counselor. He will leave you with no questions or concerns, and he will put you at ease. His job is to make the complex simple.”


Ron and Kay

Grand Junction, CO

We have been doing business with Lew for a couple years. He has taken the worry out of our Medicare decisions. Lew has also helped us save hundreds of dollars on our prescription drug plans.

Jan W.

Grand Junction, CO

Lew saved me hundred in yearly premiums when he told me about a different plan. I get better coverage at a much better price. Thanks, Lew, for all you do for us, seniors.


Richard and Donna

Grand Junction, CO

Just a few words to thank Lew for all the time he has patiently spent to help us understand the best way to choose the proper insurance for both Donna and me. We appreciate his patience in explaining the different options and at the same time letting, us make the final decision as to who we want to provide the insurance coverage that we are required to carry. Without Lew’s help we feel that we would have probably been paying much more than what he brought before us and that with his guidance we were able to make a wiser decision. The two thousand-plus dollars that we are saving, based on last year’s fees, is greatly needed and appreciated.
Thank you once again, Lew.


Dennis and RuthAnn

Grand Junction, CO

My wife and I very much appreciate the help provided to us by Lew in selecting the appropriate Medicare-related health plans. His professionalism, knowledge, and guidance made seemingly complex comparisons much more understandable, which then allowed us to make well-informed decisions. We consider Lew to be a valuable resource for us now and into the future.

Mary and Don

Southwest Colorado

Lew saved my husband and me $260 a month on our Medicare Supplement Plans. We have the exact same coverage but we are now with a different company. Our coverage is the same and we kept our doctor. The only thing that’s changed is the monthly premium.


Loveland, CO

I have known Lew for many years, and even though I told him to enroll me in the same plan he has, Lew took the time to explain to me how Medicare works and the advantages and disadvantages of the different Medicare Supplement Plan types. I would recommend Lew to anyone who would like a thorough explanation of how the different pieces of Medicare work together.

Questions? Ask Lew Barr.

An Independent Insurance Agent who helps people navigate the maze of Medicare insurance plans.