Captive Agent vs Independent Agent – What is the Difference?

I specialize in Medicare Supplement (also known as Medigap) plans for seniors in Colorado and represent all Medicare Supplement Plan types. Medicare Supplement plans help pay all or some of the costs (depending on your plan) that Original Medicare does not cover.

When looking to purchase insurance many people just look for an agent who sells the type of insurance they want to purchase. However, not all agents are the same, even though they may sell the same products. Consumers should decide whether to work with a captive agent or an independent agent. 

Captive AgentCaptive Agent 

A captive agent is an agent that represents only one company and can only sell that company’s products. They usually have an in-depth knowledge of their company’s products but cannot present options to someone who does not want, need or like their company.

Other companies’ product may be more affordable but a captive agent cannot offer them. If an existing client’s premium is increased, the only solution they can provide is to reduce the coverage in the hope of lowering the premium.

Independent Agent 

An independent agent contracts with several or more insurance companies, which allows them to recommend products from multiple companies. In addition, they are independent of the companies they contract with.

Having more than one company to choose from allows independent agents to look out for the best interest of their clients because they can provide their clients with premium estimates from multiple insurance companies.

Medicare Independent Insurance AgentI am an Independent Agent

As an independent agent, I have contracted with the most competitive and well-known Medicare Supplement insurance companies throughout Colorado.

Medicare Supplement premiums are based on several factors, including a person’s age and where they live. As an example, the company that has the lowest Medicare Supplement rate for Plan G here in Grand Junction, CO, unfortunately, does not have the lowest rate for a person of the same age who lives in Denver, CO.

As an independent agent who has contracted with multiple Medicare Supplement insurance companies, I can provide my clients with the most competitive premiums from top rated and established insurance companies, regardless of where they live in Colorado.

Confused by Your Medicare Options?Enrolling in the right Medicare plan can be an overwhelming task. The options are many and the jargon can be confusing. Whether you are new to Medicare and looking for someone to explain things in plain English or have had a Medicare plan for years and want to know if you may be paying too much, I am here to help. I make the complex simple by shopping the plans and rates for you.

I specialize in Medicare products for seniors and represent all Medicare Supplement Plan types.

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