Enrolling in Medicare After Turning 65

Medicare, what you need to know if you are planning to work past age 65.

I am often asked, “Does a person need to enroll in Medicare Part A & B if they plan to continue to work after turning 65?” The answer is, “It depends.” As found on page 24 in the 2017 Medicare and You handbook, “If you or your spouse is still working and you have health coverage through that employer or union, contact your employer or union benefits administrator to find out how your coverage works with Medicare.” (more…)

Medicare and Foreign Travel

Medicare and Foreign TravelLife is good! You’re enjoying your retirement. You have original Medicare along with a Medicare supplement plan and a Part D prescription drug plan. Medically all your bases are covered and you’ve decided that now would be a great time to take that dream vacation. Does Europe tempt you? How about Tahiti? A Caribbean cruise aboard luxury liner? (more…)

Part D late enrollment penalty

When you purchase a Medicare Supplement you also need to purchase a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. Some people maybe under the impression that if they are not taking any prescription drugs, they do not need a prescription drug plan. Unfortunately, that is not the case. (more…)

Your Medicare Coverage Options

Medicare Coverage OptionsA brief video from CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services) about the different ways to obtain your Medicare coverage. You may obtain your Medicare coverage either through Original Medicare along with a Medicare Supplement and a Prescription Drug Plan or through a Medicare Advantage Plan. (more…)