Medicare and TelehealthTelehealth
Due to the Coronavirus effective March 6, 2020, Medicare has temporarily expanded its coverage of Medicare telehealth services. Expanding the coverage means that people will be able to get coverage from more places, including their homes, using a wider range of devices and communication tools, which include Skype and smartphones.

You will be able to interact with licensed clinical social workers, clinical physiologists, nurse practitioners, and, of course, doctors.

During this expanded coverage period you will be able to receive specific services through telehealth, which include preventive health screenings, mental health counseling, and evaluation and management visits.

There are different types of Medicare telehealth services:

    • Medicare telehealth visits
      CMS (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services) requires a Medicare telehealth visit to use real-time audio and video between providers and patients and would replace an in-person office visit.
    • Virtual check-In
      Virtual check-ins are brief communications between established providers and patients and do not require both audio and video. Examples of a virtual check-in would be an email or text message initiated by patients to their health care provider.
    • E-visits
      E-visits are used only between healthcare providers and their existing patients and would be delivered through the provider’s electronic patient portal.

If you do not have access to audio-video technology for telehealth services or choose not to use it, Medicare will allow people to use a phone.

Beware of Scammers
Scam artists are preying on people’s fears, peddling fake tests, and vaccines for the coronavirus. According to some reports they are even offering “Senior Care Packages” with hand sanitizer and other items.Some scammers are falsely claiming that President Trump has ordered all seniors to be tested. It is all just a trick to get your Medicare number by offering to send you a test kit or a “Senior Care Package,” which does not exist.

More Information
If you would like to read more information on Medicare and the Coronavirus click the link below.
Medicare and Coronavirus

Your questions and concerns are my business
If you are approaching your Medicare enrollment date and are worried that you may not be able to get the Medicare coverage you need, call or email me. I can meet with you virtually using a computer or just using a phone for your appointment and/or enrollment into a plan. No new devices or technology are needed.

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