Like any massive bureaucratic enterprise, Medicare can be very confusing. The “Medicare and You” booklet that the government sends out to people turning 65, and every year thereafter, will give you hundreds of pages of explanations about Medicare. Explanations concerning; what Medicare covers, prescription drug coverage, enrollment information, what Medicare will pay and so on down the line. The problem is that it is over 165 pages long and hard to read.

As an independent licensed insurance agent specializing in Medicare products for seniors, I work hard to ensure the information I provide for my clients is accurate and complete. Before a person can sell health insurance, they must be licensed by the state. Additionally, if they want to represent a major carrier, they are required to pass a series of test and certifications specifically designed around that carriers particular product and services. Carrier certifications require an annual recertification as rules, regulations, and product offerings can change annually.

Below are five things that people may not know about Medicare.

  1. There is no annual out of pocket limits on Original Medicare (Part A & Part B). Which is why adding a Medicare Supplement and Part D Prescription Drug Plan to Original Medicare will help cover the gaps in Original Medicare
  1. Though Medicare is run by the Federal government, product offerings and premiums vary by state and county. A Medicare Advantage Plan available in one county may not be available in the county next to it.
  1. In most situations, Medicare will not pay for Custodial Care. Medicare defines Custodial Care as non-skilled personal care, like help with daily living activities, such as bathing, dressing, eating, etc.
  1. The right Part D Prescription Drug Plan for your personal situation is not determined by the monthly premium of the drug plan, but by the plan’s formulary. The formulary is the list and costs of prescription drugs covered under that specific plan. To find the right plan you need to run your list of prescription drugs through the Medicare plan finder at or find an agent like myself who can do that for you.
  1. Your premium is the same whether you buy your plan directly from the insurance company or whether you buy the plan from me, a licensed independent agent. I will take the time to explain the basics of Medicare to you and then we will discuss your choices and options which can help you avoid costly mistakes and penalties.

Call or email me today to start plotting your course through the Medicare maze. We make the complex simple by shopping the plans and rates for you. There is never a fee and you are under no obligation to use my services.

We are here to help.