What do Silver Sneakers and the Lone Ranger have in common? 

“Hi-Yo Silver away! As a kid growing up in the ’50s, I couldn’t get enough of the Lone Ranger. His theme song made me race to the TV set. Let’s face it; how can you not be energized when listening to the “William Tell” overture or, for that matter, a workout at the gym? Silver Sneakers may not bring back those thrilling days of yesteryear, but the program can sure ramp up your fitness and energy levels.

What is Silver Sneakers and is it a part of Medicare? Silver Sneakers is not a part of Medicare. Silver Sneakers is a fitness program offered by over 60 Medicare Supplement and Medicare Health plans via a network of gyms and fitness centers throughout the country. The purpose of the program is to encourage seniors to engage in physical activities that will help keep seniors healthy and provide social interaction.

You can join a gym that is conveniently located near you, and if you are traveling, you can use any of the 13,000 gyms and fitness centers throughout the country. To find a Silver Sneakers location anywhere in the country just click here.

Your free Silver Sneakers gym membership includes access to fitness equipment, group exercise classes, and other core services your local gym may provide. There is also free access to Silvesneakers.com where you can download free e-books, videos, recipes, and class descriptions.

Silver Sneakers services may vary by location because equipment, classes, and amenities may not all be the same, but my local gym in Grand Junction offers access to all cardiovascular equipment, free weights, hot tub, sauna, and pool. They also offer a variety of classes, some specifically designed for the Silver Sneakers program.

Please note gyms may provide a group orientation along with an initial consultation but sessions with Personal Trainers and services like massages, tanning beds, etc. and any food or drink are not included with your Silver Sneakers membership.

To find out if your plan includes Silver Sneakers, click on this link and follow the instruction, or call or email me and I will do the research for you.

Now, where did that wascally wabbit go?

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